Based on the beloved classic game show, Surveyor’s Jeopardy is sure to entertain surveyors from Florida to California, and everywhere in between!  Keep every surveyor wide awake with this fast paced and informative Live CEU presented by Dr. Tony Nettleman. 

HOW We play

1. Room is split into two even groups.  Each “team” is given a buzzer.  Only one person at a time will be able to buzz in and answer.

2. Question is asked and players will buzz in to see who may answer first.  The person who buzzes in first will be able to answer.

3. If the question is answered correctly he/she will get keep the buzzer for a chance to answer the next question.  If an incorrect answer is given, the buzzer will then be passed on to the next person.  

4. If you are not the first to buzz in, you will also pass your buzzer to the next person. 

5.  After each question and answer, Dr. Nettleman will present 3-5 slides of explanation to the entire class. 

5. Points will be kept for each team, and the team to win will receive a special prize!


Five Categories with Five Questions Each

    • Surveying Business Practices
    • Legal Aspects of Surveying
    • Technology in Surveying
    • History of Surveying
    • Wildcard Category (Anything and Everything Survey Related!)

Bring Surveyor's jeopardy to your next event

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