Land Boundaries make-up the majority of land case law and often spark frustration, anger, and consternation between neighbors.

Over a century ago, Robert Frost said that “Fences Make Good Neighbors.” Oh, how true that is, but many times fences get mistaken for land boundaries and lawsuits ensue.

Once a land boundary is created by the original surveyor, that boundary is fixed in perpetuity, with the exception of judicial findings such as laches, estoppel or boundaries by agreement.

After such creation, the only role that land surveyors have is to “re-find” the boundaries and re-mark the lines for future generations of land owners.

These land boundaries are “re-found” when surveyors locate boundaries by researching the written records for the subject property and its adjoinders, performing on-the-ground field surveys to search for, and then reconciling the written and physical evidence to find the true boundary of the property. But when the written and physical records conflict or are ambiguous, boundary uncertainty follows. 

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