Dock Boundaries

What makes Dock Boundary Surveys Unique?

Dock boundary surveys differ from riparian surveys. Riparian surveys specifically pertain to the property line within the body of water. Dock surveys only touch on the placement of a dock within the owner’s property. 

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Why do you Need a Dock Boundary Survey?

There are many reasons for a dock survey. Perhaps you’re trying to acquire a permit, or a neighbor inching into your land. To remedy that you have to find just how far your new dock will be from your neighbor. Mapping distances is an essential part of the dock boundary survey process. Because it’s mostly dealing with a bureaucratic process and not individual disputes, dock surveys are mostly non-confrontational.

Why do I Need a Surveying Expert?

Using the proper survey methods is absolutely key to avoid surveyor negligence and to produce an authoritative riparian survey and navigate the bureaucratic process. When the survey map and survey report are delivered, every client should mutter the words, “He was expensive, but it was worth it!

“For every water boundary survey that I haveproduced, the neighbors have subpoenaed me to testify in either a deposition or trial. When I swore the oath, I was 100% confident in all of the research, field work, and analysis performed for my client. I could not think of any other work that I could have done that would have produced a different riparian boundary.”

– Dr. Tony Nettleman