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For Future Surveyors

NISET’s Online Surveyor Certification Program was built to teach students from all walks of life, including students who work part-time and full-time, students who are not located near a surveying program, and students who would like to further their education beyond their current holdings. NISET provides the next generation of professional land surveyors with the most current methods, rigorous instructions, and hands-on, practical experience in the land surveying industry.

NLC Test Prep

Get Licensed in Your State

Improve your odds and upgrade your land surveying knowledge with NLC’s, Fundamentals of Surveying, Principles and Practice of Land Surveying, California PLS, Florida PSM, and Texas RPLS test prep products.

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Hints and Tips

Rushing the Land Survey

Let’s face it, surveyors live busy lives and when they’re out on a job they’re often pressured to finish it quickly but that can lead to rushing the land survey.

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